Development Centre

  • Training sessions every Thursday evening 6:00pm-7:00pm
  • Skilled FA licensed coaches to coach on a week to week basis on a 3G facility and grass pitches
  • Playing in the Ipswich and Suffolk Youth Football League (Festivals/Futsal and Matches)
  • A day out at Bury Town Football Club as a mascot and tour of the Denny Bros Stadium
  • Visits from ex-professionals and current semi-pro football players, for questions and answers
  • A family environment as we believe this encourages individual and team building

Training Plan

  • Our sessions will be structured the same as a Professional academy where we’ll work on a 3-5 weeks programme focusing on key coaching points (Match Day Skills Cycle)
  • Players are encouraged to try new skills, offering a great format of learning
  • At U6/7s we believe players should have the ball at their feet a lot of the time
  • From this, sessions will consist of ball manipulation, retaining possession, receiving, 1v1s/2v2s/3v3s activities and risk and reward scenarios

Training Plan

  • Players will also compete in plenty of small sided games
  • FA Licensed Coaches with plenty of experience delivering high quality but fin sessions in a safe environment
  • We concentrate on the England DNA ‘4 corners’ in order to deliver the best planned and enjoyable sessions
  • We demonstrate leadership as a role model

The Next Generation

  • Our Match Day Development Centre will have strong links to the Bury Town Youth Section and Bury Town FC
  • Match Day’s philosophy is ‘Development’ we encourage players to keep improving
  • We concentrate on players developing as individuals by building confidence and self esteem
  • We coach players in a specific way in order for them to conquer different scenarios on and off the pitch and adapt to many different situations
  • Coaches are enthusiastic and encourage each player. There is good communication between coach to player and player to coach
  • Affiliated to the Suffolk football association

Further Info

If you would like to secure your place or find out more infortmation, please contact: